Sunday, January 9, 2011


Christian Louboutin

Big Lips Booty 120 Pony Luxor Leopard

Christian Louboutin

Dahlia 100 Calf Booty


Tribute Sandal

Here are my bargains from the winter sales: two Louboutin booties. Aren't they adorable and unique especially the leopard print one. As you can imagine it's not very easy to walk with them but they are so sexy and good looking that you forget all your pain :) The black booty is also very hot and really comfortable. You can wear them casual, cool as well as chic with jeans and dresses or skirts. I love Louboutin :) The YSL sandal is from the new season I have already these iconic elegant and timeless tribute sandal in brown colour at home but the black one is also a 'MUST HAVE' so as soon as I saw them they were in my shopping bag. YSL shoes are known for their high quality, comfort and refined elegance.
I hope you like them all :) See you soon !!

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